The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX

“Thanks to The Tutoring Center, I have less struggles in math.  I used to struggle in my math class and with my homework, which caused me to lose confidence in other subjects.  Once I started attending The Tutoring Center, my confidence increased, I felt more comfortable answering questions in class and I understood how to do my homework.  In class, I could answer questions on problems we had not learned and then explain how to get the answer to the rest of my class.  When my confidence increased in math, I started doing better in other subjects.  I like the one to one instruction that is offered and I think it made a big difference for me.  I am thankful for the instructors at The Tutoring Center and that my parents signed me up at a good place.”
Kyle - Pioneer Heritage Middle School, 8th grader
"Before I started coming to The Tutoring Center, I was not doing well in school at all. I had failing grades. I was told I had a learning disability in math, so I was required to use a calculator in class and on tests. I did not like math and did not enjoy going to school. The Tutoring Center has helped me so much. The tutors helped me learn all my math facts and explained things so well. I don’t need to use a calculator any more. Math is easier for me now, and I am making As in middle school math! I have gained so much confidence, I’m doing really well in school, with a B or higher in all my classes. Plus I really enjoy coming to The Tutoring Center because it’s a lot of fun and we earn prizes.” 
Josie N., Killian Middle School
"Frisco Tutoring has been fantastic with my children. My son is 12 and daughter is 6, have both benefited greatly from their tutoring program. Mrs.Nelly is great and does a great job identifying the challenges of our kids. You can tell she has a passion for kids’ learning and seeing progress. We are starting back up from the summer program, and couldn’t be more satisfied!!"
Morrell Jones
"My son has improved tremendously and gained a lot of confident in his studies. We came to Mrs. Nelly after going thru an unprofessional tutoring experience. My son did not want to go thru the experience again but he was opened after meeting Mrs. Nelly. I am so glad to see my son success and improve greatly in his academic. He now enjoys going to TTC, Frisco for tutoring. His teacher in school also noticed the difference on his grades and participation in class due to his confident gained from the tutoring session. We cannot thank you enough Mrs. Nelly. Thank you so much."
Vanessa O.
"My son has been going to The Tutoring Center since July and we have seen great improvement with his math grades and getting back on grade level. Nelly and her staff are always willing to work with my son on concepts that he is learning in school as well as their own plan. This is one-on-one tutoring that truly makes a difference!" 
Stephanie Young
"Mrs Nelly is a very insightful instructor and clearly cares very much about the success of her students. After only 6 months of the program, our son now has the confidence and the skills to face the challenges of Middle and High school curriculums head-on. The program works and the heart behind it matters most. We’d highly recommend The Tutoring Center, Frisco to anyone who wants to give their child a true educational edge." 
Ed Edwards
"This is an absolutely wonderful tutoring center my son attends! My daughter attended the one in Plano and when we moved to this area I knew exactly which tutoring facility would be great and the one in Frisco is amazing! Mrs. Nelly operates the Frisco location with great communication, nice tutors and she is extremely welcoming. She keeps you up to date with how your child is doing so there is no guess work to that and she keeps in communication with your child's teacher as well, so that they are getting extra help on what is being learned in class. Also, your child will be academically challenged to advanced them educationally! The center has a teaching structure in place that works seamlessly and in my opinion helps your child catch on to things without getting bored. If you live anywhere near the tutoring center in Frisco, I would highly recommend you stop by and check it out, I know for a fact you will not be disappointed."
Donna J.
"My son has been going to the Tutoring Center since the end of last school year. I am happy with the improvements he has made and am thankful for such a caring staff. They have also helped him keep his mental focus throughout the summer. I also very much enjoy the fact that they provide a detailed progress report with comments to show you how much your child has progressed."
Pamela Salazar
"The Tutoring Center has been great and given my child confidence! I have seen my child improve and would recommend this to anyone! Thank you Ms. Nelly and staff!"
C.L, Prosper TX
"I love the Tutoring Center in Frisco. They are amazing. They are helping my daughter so much. She is learning so much and enjoys going. The staff and owner Nelly is fantastic in teaching her and communicating with me on her progress. I highly recommend them!!!"
Lindsey Rollins
"We have had a couple of in home tutors for my son which were okay because his math grades were still fluctuating. We decided to try something different and selected The Tutoring Center because they offer one on one instruction. When we first joined, Nelly (Director) scheduled a face to face appointment with my son's math teacher to discuss my son's struggles in math. During the school year if I noticed that my son was struggling with a new math assignment I would reach out to the center immediately and they would partner up with his teacher to make sure he was prepared for his next quiz or test. After a couple of sessions at the center I could see that my son had gained more confidence in math and it reflected in his grades. It is worth the money." 

"My son has just finished seventh grade and started math tutoring here in the fall.  His confidence in the subject has grown immensly and he is actually starting to like both the subject and his tutoring sessions in it.  He just received an 'A'in his class and I cant recommend this Tutoring Center enough for anyone looking to help their children in their academic development."

Peter S.
"I highly recommend the tutoring center to anybody who's kids are struggling in school /in a particular subject. My son's improvement in Math came in the first couple of weeks. These tutors will find a way to explain the subject matter to your child, and Mrs Nelly is a wonderful, caring person."
Gisi Wolf-Rhodus

"The staff is very nice and helpful. Everything was explained in detail before hand. Would totally recommend this center"

Amy Taylor
"Our kids have been attending here for about a month now. Nelly has been very professional, flexible and kind. We like how she's open to communicating with teachers as well!"
Hazem Elsharkawi
"The Tutoring Center has helped our daughter focus and think through math problems. She has  improved her math scores and is working above her grade level in math and also reading. We plan to continue the tutoring during the summer. Thank you to the staff of The Tutoring Center."
Monica Love
"We love this place. They care about our daughter and her learning. She is more confident and we owe it to the tutoring center."
Stacy Wendling
"This center is very good and helps target the needs for each child. While the tutoring has a curriculum based on your students progress, the center staff are always accommodating to review school specific work to reinforce concepts where needed.  This is great support for our child!"
Kris Floyd
"It's an amazing tutoring center. My daughter loves going there and feeling confident in her math skills.The center Director goes through student's paper work by herself and I think it's one of the best thing to check on student's performance."
Reeta K
"My son started at this center for summer remediation in Reading after Kindergarten. He was hesitant to read and often found excuses not to. Since starting here, he's progressed so well that he reads spontaneously and is at the top of his class (all As) in all subjects including Reading. The Director is extremely friendly and also flexible with scheduling. Overall, my son looks forward to his classes."
E. C
"If you're looking for a Tutoring Center that will truly make a've just found it. From the constant communication/ partnership with the teachers initiated by Nelly, the center director, it's a win win situation. The Center Director, along with the tutors there, are amazing. They work alongside your child every step of the way. My sons confidence has grown and grades have improved. Selecting this center was a fantastic move. Glad to have found them :) "
Tara W
"Our son has been attending the center for three months. We have seen his confidence improve and he has made good progress in reading and math. Each tutor is kind and helpful."
Jake Dotson
"The Tutoring Center has been wonderful for my son. They have worked hard to get him on level and to where he understands what the lesson is before it's taught. He has more confidence this year than ever, and he has not complained one time about going to TTC. I highly recommend TTC for any student that needs help in math."
Courtney Kirby
"Very friendly staff and tutors- they really care about your child’s success and my daughter is able to get personalized math and reading one on one! She really enjoys going here and her grades are steadily improving!"
Anna Davis
"My daughter loves going to the tutoring center. Though she is shy by nature, it's amazing to see her rapid academic progress day by day. This tutoring center just not limiting themselves to concentrate on her academic but also helps her to build confidence. My sincere thanks to Nelly for constantly listening and addressing my concerns to ensure nothing gets slipped out with respect to the academics. Her overall helping attitudes are truly appreciable. With all these, I highly recommend this tutoring center for the parents who are looking their kids to academically focused."
Mousumi Bhattacharjee
"So glad we signed up. We have been in the program just over a year and it has helped so much. Her reading skills are now up to her grade level. The tutoring center has been key to this success. It has also helped boost her confidence and improve her grades in all subjects at school. The staff and tutors are awesome and really find a way to connect with the students. We encourage you to look into this program and see if it is right for your child. We have had great success."
Lauren Weber
"I love this tutoring center as my daughter is very happy there .she reminds me in the morning that she have class today. She is feeling much confident in herself and improving her math skills. Staff is very nice They understand kid's level of learning and plan their classes accordingly."
Reeta Katoch
"This place is amazing! My son gets all excited coming here. He didn't like to read but since he started coming here he's been wanting to read more and more. And he leaves all happy when he leaves from tutoring!"
Angelica Acevedo
"Enrolled my son last week and the service is great they're very friendly and my son Already loves coming here! I recommend on bringing your children here! They'll love it as much as my son does!"
Norma Ibarra
"I like their program and 1:1 ratio of teachers to students also they know how to motivate kids and have fun learning."
Gail Asuncion

"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."

Johnny Siyluy
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
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