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In order to study successfully, there are things you should do and things you shouldn't do. Learn what to stay away from with this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX.

What Not to Do When Studying

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Being Negative About the Situation

First things first: how can you expect to succeed in your study sessions if you're putting yourself down before you even begin? Being negative about the situation won't do you any good, and may even hurt your chances of performing adequately during your study sessions and during the exam. This is because your brain is more powerful than you can imagine. When you cloud it with negativity (such as 'I'm not smart enough', 'I'll never understand this', or simply, 'I can't'), you're inadvertently setting yourself up for failure. That's why, when studying, you need to remember to stay positive. If you're having a challenging time, seek out new study methods to learn. But above all, trust your abilities and skills so you can become a successful student.

Procrastinating Your Time Away

We've all done it at some point: you're feeling pressured by all of the things you have to do, and instead of paying attention to them and doing them at once, you waste your time doing something else. This, as you may be aware, is referred to as 'procrastination', and it is one of your biggest enemies when it comes to your study sessions. This is because procrastination uses up your time, effort, concentration, and more, in things that won't help you reach your academic goals in the slightest. To counteract your inclination to procrastinate, you can do a few different things. For one, you can find the perfect study space that's free of distractions. Moreover, you can create a schedule where you organize your time and the duties you have to complete during that time. Then, make up a reward system that will keep you motivated to actually comply with the schedule you set up for yourself.

Cheating While You Study

In order to help you study, practice your skills, and reinforce your knowledge, teachers will give you worksheets for you to complete at home. Still, if you deem a subject too challenging for you, your reaction to this may be to copy the answers from a peer's papers, or search online and take the answers from there. The thing is, when you do this, you're not putting in any effort or work to come up with an answer on your own. This means that you'll end up cheating yourself out of an opportunity to do the work and actually learn while you practice. To avoid this, you can turn to your teachers or peers for guidance. Even so, be sure to make an honest effort to complete your practice sheets, as they will help you complete your tests in a successful manner.

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Cramming the Night Before

Probably the most common mistake students make when it comes to studying is cramming the night before a test. This is basically trying to learn 4 months of work, in one night of studying. Still, this is not a good idea in a few levels. For one, you won't be learning effectively, and you'll forget everything you went over by the time of the test. Moreover, you will be tired from pulling an all-nighter, which makes it far more likely that you'll make a mistake in your test. Instead, find effective study methods that will actually help you learn. For example, try understanding your subjects and go over your notes on a daily basis, so you're completely prepared for when exam week rolls around.

Forgetting About Your Learning Style

Finally, another mistake you shouldn't make when studying is neglecting your learning style. As you may be aware, different people learn in different ways and with different methods. For instance, while some understand images better, others have an easier time assimilating sounds. You can take this to your advantage. First, figure out your learning style, and then adapt your study methods so that you can retain and recall the information you're learning better. In the end, you'll have much more fruitful and successful study sessions.

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