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Reading can bring a myriad of different benefits. However, if your child doesn't have much of a reading habit, in this post you'll find a few tips you can follow to help them become an avid reader.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Improved communication skills, vivid imagination, and a wider vocabulary are just three of the many benefits that can come with being an avid reader. However, to become one, one must first be motivated to read. If your child isn't much of a reader now, below you'll find tips that can help you start building that habit in them.

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Lead the Way

What do you do during your downtime? Do you watch television? Do you cook? Do you read? As you've probably noticed by now, if you have a young child at home, they will want to do what they see you do, since they mold their own behavior and habits to yours. That's why the first tip in helping your child become an avid reader is to become an avid reader yourself. Setting an example will make your child more likely to pick up a book of their own to follow in your footsteps.

Let Them Pick Their Reading Material

Everybody has different likes and dislikes when it comes to reading material which is why, if your child is just starting out as a reader, they should be given the chance to pick a book that will interest them. Providing certain independence in this area will ensure that the book they choose will at least cover a subject they'll enjoy. Needless to say, however, you should oversee the kind of material they pick out to ensure it's appropriate for their age and reading level.

Provide the Right Reading Conditions

"When" and "where" your child reads can have a very real impact on how much they enjoy their reading time and as a result, how eager they are to become an avid reader. For that reason, it is imperative that you provide the right reading conditions for them. This includes a space free of distractions, with appropriate lighting and comfortable furniture. If you want to create a habit in your child, you can even set a "reading time" every night before bed. This will help them become accustomed to reading.

Work on Their Reading Comprehension

If you can't understand what you're reading, you probably won't want to continue reading. That's why it's crucial that you help your child develop their reading comprehension skills if you would like them to get into the habit of reading. To that end, you can employ a few different methods. For example, providing them a dictionary to search unknown words, encouraging them to take notes of what they're reading, or asking them to read aloud, are all ways that can improve your child's reading comprehension and their enjoyment of the activity.

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Read with Your Child

Who says that reading has to be an individual activity? On the contrary, reading with your child can have incredible benefits of its own. As The House Fairy mentions in this blog post, reading bedtime stories with your child can help you to bond with them, will allow their imagination to fly, will help them engage further with the reading material, and more. Plus, you can discuss the reading material as you go, which can make the whole experience much more enriching and enjoyable for both of you.

Take a Trip to the Library

As a final tip, simply take your child to the library. After all, they are on their summer break, which gives you the perfect opportunity to take a field trip to this wondrous place filled with books, magazines, and other reading material. Said trip can get your child excited about reading since they'll see a whole building dedicated to stories, information, history, poems, and much more. Plus, while you're there, you can allow your child to take a few books home to read.

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