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Class discussions can be very enriching when done right. To learn how to get involved in them effectively, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX.

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How to Participate in Class

Get Ready to Go to Class

For starters, you need to get ready to go to class every day. After all, how can you expect to contribute anything to your class if you have no idea of the material that your teacher and classmates are going over? To ensure that your participation will actually enrich everybody's learning experience (even your own), you should do your homework, read your textbooks, and generally be on top of the lessons that you're going over in the classroom. Moreover, if you're not properly prepared you could even get in the way of a successful discussion with your teacher and peers, so be ready.

Remain Calm

A big reason why some students avoid participating in their classes is that they feel extremely nervous when posed with the opportunity to speak in front of their classmates and teachers. They fear they will come out as foolish or in a negative light. If that is your case, try your best to remain calm. You should learn to control those feelings of anxiety so they won't hinder your learning experience. To that end, breathe in deeply to shake your nerves off before you speak. Likewise, stop putting pressure on yourself. Remember that you're a student there to learn and that you, as any of your peers, are allowed to make mistakes.

Respect Your Teacher and Peers

Just as you wouldn't want someone to yell at you, laugh at you, or ignore you completely, you shouldn't do those things to your teachers and peers. As you can imagine, the class discussions wouldn't be able to flow effectively if everybody takes on a disruptive and dismissive attitude. That's why it is imperative that you show respect to your teacher and peers. For example, you should always raise your hand before speaking and wait for your turn to do so. Furthermore, even if you don't plan on participating in class, avoid laughing or yelling at others, even if you disagree with what they're saying.

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Listen to Others

As mentioned above, respect is the key element needed to have great class discussions that will help everybody learn. An important part of showing respect, however, is listening to what others are saying (be it your teachers or your classmates). Acknowledging that some else is talking is crucial. Plus, doing so will allow you jump in the conversation and share your opinion of what is being talked about effectively. Paying attention will ensure that you won't be repeating what other people have said already. This will help the discussion flow in an organic and positive manner.

Ask and Answer Questions

If you still feel intimidated about participating in class, but participation makes up part of your grade, the easiest way to get involved is to ask and answer questions. This way, if something isn't clear about the lessons or if you want to further explore a topic, you can raise your hand and ask. You never know who else could be sharing your doubts. Asking those questions will help the whole class learn better. Parallel to this, you can also try to answer questions that your teacher or your peers pose. Doing so will let the teacher know that you're paying attention and learning. If you get the question wrong, you'll simply be corrected, which will help you learn better, as well.

Share Your Opinion

Last but not least, you can participate in your class discussions through your opinions. Needless to say, if the objective is to help the class learn more, your opinions should be related to the topics that are being talked about. Other than that, you should remember to be respectful with what you say and how you word it. Believe it or not, sharing your opinion can help you become a leader in your classroom. Upon seeing you do it, other classmates may feel encouraged to do the same. This, in the end, will result in a more dynamic and open minded group.

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