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In order to study effectively, you need effective notes. If you want to improve as a note taker, follow the tips in this post that The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX has put together for you.

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How to Take Notes That Will Help You Study

Keep Clean and Organized Notebooks

How can you expect to have effective notes that will help you study if you can't even understand how you organized and arranged your notebooks? For that reason, you need to keep clean and organized notebooks. This includes having one notebook for each of your school subjects and using them accordingly, to avoid mixing and confusing your notes. You should also note down a title and date for each of the lessons in your notebook, so you can spot them easily during your study sessions. Likewise, it's imperative that you avoid doodling or making too many mistakes on your notes. These can distract you and pull your focus away when you should be studying and learning.

Have Your Writing Tools Handy in Class

Something important to consider when taking notes is that you have to be time-efficient. This is because, sometimes, you will need to be speedy with your note taking to avoid falling behind in class and missing valuable information in your notes. Needless to say, if you're in class, and the teacher begins relaying relevant information, you don't want to start looking for something to write with, as you'd be wasting a lot of time. That's why, it's strongly recommended that you have your pens, pencils, highlighters and more, handy and ready to be used at a moment's notice.

Create an Effective Writing Strategy

As mentioned above, time is of the essence when taking notes. For that reason, another tip you can employ is creating an effective writing strategy that can help you save a couple of valuable seconds while keeping the content of the lesson intact. For example, you can make use of commonly abbreviations to become a time-efficient note taker. You can also employ symbols instead of words (e.g. you can draw an arrow between concepts to symbolize causation). Additionally, it's suggested that you focus on extracting the main ideas of what the teacher is uttering and write those instead.

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Have Clear and Well-Written Notes

So far in this post, there has been a lot of emphasis in the need of being time-efficient when taking notes. Still, if you end up with messy, confusing notes that you can't decode when studying, then all of your note-taking efforts were for nothing. To make sure your notes will be understandable enough for you to study off of, you will need to prioritize clarity in them. To that end, write in legible letters that you can comprehend. Likewise, you should keep your notes coherent. Even if you don't write complete sentences due to time constraints, you need to make an effort to make your notes as clear as possible.

Accentuate Important Information

When you take notes, you write down a slew of information. Still, as you may be aware, not all information has the same weight or level of importance. Names, dates, formulas and definitions, are often more important than other types of notes you may have in your notebooks. To make sure that those valuable pieces won't get lost among the rest of the notes, you need to find ways to accentuate them effectively. For example, you can employ highlighters or sticky notes to make that information stand out. This way, they will catch your eye first when you're studying.

Review Your Notes When You're Done

A final, simple, but very helpful tip is to review your notes after you're done taking them. Once the class is done, you'll surely want to head out of the classroom as quickly as possible. Taking a couple of minutes to reread your notes can help you notice if something wasn't clear, if you're missing information, or if there's another issue with your notes. You can then ask the teacher to clarify, or you can ask a peer to share their notes with you. Doing so will help you have complete, clear and effective notes for when you have to study for your tests.

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