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Summer break gives you the opportunity to take on a few different goals. One you should try is keeping a journal. To learn how it can benefit you, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX.

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Why You Should Start Keeping a Journal This Summer

It Aids With Your Mental Health

The amount of thoughts that rush through your brain in just an hour is unimaginable. This is just a testament to how powerful your brain can be. However, if you don't stay in control of those thoughts, sometimes, they can get the best of you. As if by magic, your thoughts can begin to get tangled on themselves, making you confused and foggy. Luckily, journaling can be of great assistance with this. As you write down your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, you begin to sort them out and gain clarity once more. In the end, this can benefit your mental health tremendously.

It Improves Your Communication Skills

Writing, much like talking, is a way of communicating and expressing your ideas to others. As you write, you not only begin to sort out your thoughts, but you begin to articulate and structure them in a way that makes sense, too. This means that, if you practice journaling enough, you can start improving your communication skills (even if you don't plan on sharing the contents of your journal with other people).

It Can Encourage You to Keep and Achieve Your Goals

Having a goal, keeping it, working on it diligently, and achieving it can sometimes be easier said than done. Still, keeping a journal can actually help you see your goals through, as it can be the encouragement you need to keep going. For starters, if you write about the goals you have, you'll be able to keep them more present in your mind. As you write, you can also plan out the steps you'll take to achieve your goals, as well as document the journey you've gone through to accomplish them. Finally, if you write on a journal regularly, you'll gain self-discipline, which can help you with your goals, too.

It Boosts Your Creative Levels

Creativity can absolutely be tamed and enhanced, even if some people think that it's just a spontaneous phenomenon that jumps in and out of your life with no real rhyme or reason. You can become more creative and improve on the quality of the ideas that you think of. And journaling can help you with that. Creativity is a skill, so the more you write, the more your ideas will flow. Moreover, if you make it a point to write short stories or works of fiction in your journal, you'll likely see a huge improvement in your creativity in no-time.

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It Strengthens Certain Academic Skills

Writing is an interdisciplinary skill, meaning that you need to master other disciplines in order to execute it correctly. In other words, when you write, you work on a few academic skills. For example, if you journal on a regular basis, you'll no doubt see a huge difference in your writing skills, your grammar, your spelling, your vocabulary, and more. This can be especially beneficial if you're on your summer break. Writing often will help you practice your academic skills and prevent the summer learning slide.

It Can Assist With Your Memory

A surprising side-effect to keeping a journal is improved memory. The simple act of writing something down can help you retain and recall information better.  Of course, having an enhanced retention process can be very valuable in every aspect of your life, which is another great reason to give journaling a try. Moreover, you can try it when you study: take notes of the lessons you're going over to ensure you study effectively.

It Elevates Your Confidence Levels

Lastly, one of the more valuable benefits of regular journaling is a higher sense of self-confidence. As you already read, being an avid writer comes with a few important benefits (enhanced academic skills, more effective communication, better memory, and more). All of them will make you feel more confident in your own potential and abilities. In the end, you'll feel more comfortable with yourself, which will radiate into every area of your life.

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