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Taking a test efficiently is a skill, and you can learn how to improve on it by reading this post The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX has prepared for you.

How to Take a Test in an Effective Way

Have you ever received a graded test back, only to discover you made mistakes you could have avoided easily if only you were a better test-taker? If you answered "yes," you should know you're not alone; many students get nervous and don't perform as well as they could in their tests. To help you improve in this area, the following post will share a few tips so you can work on your test-taking skills.

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Write Down Your Name Immediately

If you were to ask a group of teachers, most of them would say it's not uncommon for students to forget to write their name on their tests. It's understandable: students are stressed and just want to get the test over with. Still, forgetting this easy but crucial step, means that your test may get lost. In some cases, your grade may even be affected by this oversight. That's why writing your name should be the first thing you do upon receiving it (unless instructed otherwise).

Read the Test from Beginning to End

Another common mistake students make when test-taking, is answering questions without ever reading the instructions. Needless to say, this can impact the outcome of their efforts. To ensure you're on the right track, before you begin, take some time to read the test thoroughly (instructions, questions, possible answers, etc.). This will give you a better idea of how you should continue. If necessary, this is also the time to ask your teacher if something in the instructions or questions isn't clear.

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Answer Properly

Tied to the point made above, you need to answer your test properly. This, of course, includes answering as instructed. What you may not have thought of, is that this also entails writing in legible letters and formulating complete sentences (when needed). It could happen that your teacher misunderstands your penmanship, which can lead to you getting a lower grade in your test. Don't risk it and do your best to avoid those confusions.

Begin with the Easiest Questions

When you're taking a test, you have a limited amount of time to answer every question on the paper. That's why it's strongly recommended that you tackle the easiest questions first: this will get them out of the way and will ensure you'll have more time to focus on the more complex questions. Something you should keep in mind if you'll be taking this approach, however, is that you need to mark the ones you're skipping, so you can remember to return to them in the end.

Avoid Cheating at All Costs

It's no secret that tests can elevate students' stress and anxiety levels. Still, no matter how badly you think you'll do, you shouldn't cheat on your tests. When you do, you're cheating yourself, your knowledge, and your abilities. Moreover, if you ever get caught cheating, it may be that the repercussions for it will be much more severe than simply getting a few wrong answers in your test.

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Try to Relax

Try to relax before and during your test; easier said than done. However, if you're a nervous ball of energy when taking an exam, you're more likely to make mistakes. To bring your nerves down a bit, breathe in and out deeply. Likewise, remember to take your time, have confidence in your abilities, and trust that you're prepared to take on this and many other challenges that may come your way.

Review Your Test Thoroughly

As a last tip, it's highly suggested that you review your test thoroughly before handing it in (if you have time). During your review, re-read the test (instructions, questions, your answers, and more), as well as look for mistakes you could have made or areas you could improve on. It's also important that you verify that you've answered every single question in the test (check the back of the page, too). This is your chance to deliver the best test possible, so don't neglect this tip.

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