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If you'll be having a lot of free time this summer break, why not spend it doing some summer reading? Go through this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX for tips on how to read more.

How to Read More This Summer Break

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Give Yourself Goals to Work Towards

'Reading more' is too broad of a goal to work towards, which may lead to confusion and discouragement. If you want to be successful and actually become a complete bookwork by the time your summer break is over, you need to set specific, doable, but challenging goals that can motivate you to keep going. A goal such as 'read 30 pages each day,' can be a good place to start, since it won't overwhelm you, and will make it more likely that you'll keep up with it.

Let Other People Know

Sometimes, feeling pressure from other people can be helpful, especially if you're trying to keep up with a goal. Sharing with your close friends and family that you're trying to become an avid reader may keep you accountable since you'll have to answer to them whenever they ask you how you're doing with said goal. It may be that facing their judgment if you fail could be the motivation you need to succeed.

Always Carry a Book With You

How do you expect to read more if you have no reading material with you during your downtime? To correct this, always carry a book with you (in your backpack, in your purse, on your phone, etc.). This way, whenever you have any free time or are bored, (for example, when you're riding the bus) you can crack it open and make some progress with your summer reading goals.

Read More Than One Book at Once

Even though it may seem confusing and a bit counterintuitive, you should read more than one book at once. Your brain has the capacity to keep up with various reading material, so take advantage of this. Having the ability to jump from one book to the next and back will guarantee you'll be reading material that catches your interest and mood for the moment, ensuring that your reading sessions will be enjoyable ones.

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Expand Your Reading Umbrella

Reading more can also be about reading different material. Try going through different genres, topics, and even writing styles (news reports, literature, interviews, biographies, among others). You never know what you could learn by expanding your reading umbrella. Moreover, you never know what you could discover about yourself while you explore and dabble in a variety of reading material (perhaps you find that you're very into reading interviews).

Quit if Necessary

There will be times when you absolutely must finish reading a book. However, summer reading is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. This means that you can absolutely quit a book if it's not meeting your expectations or if you're just not interested in it. At the end of the day, forcing yourself to finish a book will make you less likely to read, since you may end up perceiving reading as a shore that you need to get through, instead of something that you want to do.

Read on Different Platforms

Nowadays, you can read on a myriad of different platforms, be it with a physical book or through an electronic device (such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet, where you can download a library of reading material). Not only that, but you can also 'read' by listening to audiobooks. The bottom line is that now you have more reading options available than ever before. Take advantage of this so you can meet your reading goals and reap the benefits of being a well-read person.

Share What You're Reading

Lastly, if you want to make reading a more entertaining and enriching experience for you (so that you're more inclined to do it more often), share what you're reading with other people. You can even create a summer book club with friends and/or family, so you can discuss the reading material, and get new perspectives and interpretations on the books you're going over.

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