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Discover the Benefits of Learning a New Language

Learning a language can be extremely challenging, particularly for adult learners. But, the younger a person begins to study, the easier it will be for him or her to develop their language skills. As well as making international travel more enriching and enjoyable, learning a second language provides a huge range of other advantages, both academically and socially, and it can even help your child perform better in standardized tests! In this blog, The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX would like to share with you a little more about this and has put together a list of the top benefits of learning a new language.
  • Language learning improves cultural understanding. Students of a foreign language are able to use their linguistic skills to allow them the understand the world from a different perspective. In today’s multicultural society, this skill has never been more important.
  • Language skills expand career potential. Our children have the misfortune of graduating into an incredibly competitive job market. The ability to communicate in more than one language can sometimes mean the difference between receiving a job offer in the mail or possibly a letter of rejection.
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  • Studying a second language improves memory. Just like our muscles get bigger and stronger when we train with weights, our brains become more powerful when we challenge them. Children and young people have an incredible capacity for ‘neural plasticity’ - their brains are able to develop new pathways in order to improve new skills and retain more information in a way that an adult brain is not. Therefore, if you can encourage your child to study a language from a young age, you will be helping them to make their brain and memory function more powerful for the future.
  • Speaking a second language improves self-esteem and confidence. Learning a language not only takes time, but it also takes courage. If a person is too afraid to make mistakes that they are not able to develop their linguistic skills through conversation, they will never become fluent in a second language. Confronting fears and obstacles is an excellent way to boost confidence - after all, once you know you can handle yourself communicating in a foreign language with total strangers, nothing else seems quite as intimidating.
  • Multilingual students perform better on standardized tests. Say what you will about this method of assessment - standardized tests are here to stay. Students must take them when graduating from high school, again in college, and again when applying for graduate programs. Parts of these standardized tests are designed to test cognitive abilities and are difficult to study for. However, it appears to be possible to ‘train’ your brain for these tests, and learning a language seems to be one of the most effective ways. When learning a language, students learn to quickly and efficiently identify and correct errors. They also learn to recognize patterns and use this to their advantage to make educated ‘guesses’ about grammatical structure or spelling rules. These exact skills are what are often tested in standardized tests - error correction and pattern recognition, which may explain why students of foreign languages consistently outperform their monolingual peers in this type of evaluation.
  • Finally, learning another language deepens a person’s understanding of their native language. How many of us ever think about what tense we are using when we speak? Or in which situation to use which preposition? Well, in order to learn a new language, a student must first understand their own so that they can draw comparisons. This increased understanding of their mother tongue helps language students to excel at written tasks, such as term papers or written exams. On top of this, when learning a new language, student develop a wider vocabulary in their first language, making them more eloquent in conversation as well as written work.

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