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An organized student is often a more successful student. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX so you can help your child organize their backpack effectively for a great new school year. 

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack Effectively for this School Year

As Understood mentions, students use their organization skills to learn. This means that students who don't have strong organization skills often struggle with keeping their thoughts in order, handling information, focusing on the task at hand, and more. That's why you should help your child be as organized as possible, so they can strengthen those skills and become a more successful student. Helping them arrange their backpack effectively is a good place to start, which is why, in this post, you'll learn a few tips on the matter.

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Pick the Right Backpack

First things first: choosing the right backpack for your child. This is important because it may influence their organization skills, their education, and even their health. For that reason, opt for one that:
  • Has a design they like (so they'll want to keep it organized)
  • Has enough room to carry their school supplies
  • Has different sections that will help them keep their things in order
  • Is ergonomic, comfortable, and distributes the weight evenly
  • Has padded straps (verify your child always wears both of them)
  • If possible, opt for one with wheels.

Prepare the School Supplies

Before you begin packing your child's backpack, you need to guarantee they'll have every school supply they'll need for the starting school year. After all, what good is a backpack if it's empty? To ensure your child does, go through the supplies of the previous year. Then, make a list of the things that are missing and shop for them. It's even a good idea to buy a few extras in case your child loses or runs out of an item.

Unpack and Pack Every Day

Packing a backpack isn't a one-time thing. On the contrary, if you'd like your child's backpack to remain organized and effective, you'll need to help them unpack it and pack it every single day. When you do, think about what your child will need for the next school day, and only fill the backpack with those items. This will also help avoid a lot of strain on your child's back and shoulders.

Create and Stick to a System

How your child's books, notebooks, and folders are organized, can help determine how successful they will be at keeping those items in order. For that reason, work with them to create and stick to an organization system that they can understand. For instance, they can arrange the items by size or by subject. In any case, Infinity Wellness Chiropractic suggests keeping the heavier objects near the back of the backpack, so your child's health isn't affected by an uneven weight distribution.

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Provide a Pencil Case

Often times, students will lose their smaller school supplies (such as their highlighters, erasers, sharpeners, pens, and more). As you may be aware, this can be expensive and not very effective for their learning experience. To ensure your child won't lose their smaller supplies, provide a pencil case for them. Just remind them to always place those items in there after using them, so they can avoid losing them.

Put Their Name on the Backpack

When a student misplaces their backpack, with it, they lose their notes, their supplies, their books, and other items that are valuable to their learning experience. For that reason, it's recommended that you put your child's name, grade, and phone number somewhere in the backpack, so it can return to your child in case they lose it.

Clean the Backpack Regularly

Finally, students are known to keep all kinds of trash in their backpack: everything from loose papers to food wrappers, and other random garbage can be found in there on any given day. This, of course, can affect their backpack's looks, smell, weight, and organization. That's why, you and your child should clean out their backpack on a regular basis (for instance, every couple of weeks). Take the trash out, and even stick the backpack in the washer (if possible), so it can remain clean and organized.

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