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Your child should beware of summer learning loss, as it could make them forget everything they learned in school. To help them thwart it off, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX.

How to Help Your Child Avoid Summer Learning Loss

If your child experiences summer learning loss because they completely neglected their academics over the break, and as a result have forgotten everything they learned, they won't be prepared to make successful return to school the next term. Continue reading to help your child avoid this phenomenon.

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Review the Notes With Your Child

Many students close their backpacks the minute school is out for summer, and don't think about them or their contents until the next term is starting up again. However, as discussed above, this can be a huge mistake. If your child doesn't do anything school-related during their months off, it's highly likely that everything they learned over the previous school year will be lost on them. This is worrying, especially since they won't be able to return to school and build on the knowledge they're already supposed to have. That's why your child should review their notes a few times during the break. You could even review them with them, so you can provide any support they may require. In any case, they should study at least once, a week before school starts, so they can refresh their memory.

Help Them Practice Their Skills

Yes, it is absolutely necessary that your child studies their notes during their break to keep their lessons fresh in their mind. However, that alone won't help them avoid the summer learning slide for good. Your child should also practice and work on their skills during their time off, lest they want to forget them. To help your child in this respect, you can search for practice opportunities for them. For example, you can search online for math, spelling, or grammar worksheets that they can complete over their vacation. You can also seek out real life scenarios that will allow them to put their skills to good use.

Give Summer Tutoring in Frisco TX a Chance

A surefire way to keep your child learning during their time off school, and to effectively thwart off summer learning loss, is to enroll them in one-to-one tutoring classes. During their sessions, your child will have the full attention and time from an expert tutor, who will assist them and guide them until they master their school subjects. And, since they'll be able to move at their own pace and ask any lingering questions they may have in a safe and positive space, you can bet they'll experience a confidence boost that will reassure them that they're ready to succeed academically during the next year.

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Discuss Their Schools Subjects With Them

Talking to your child about their academics may be the easiest way to help them avoid summer learning loss. This is because, when you ask them to explain a concept or a subject they should know, or to tell you about the different things they learned, you're forcing them to work their memory. This means that they'll be reminded of their school lessons and that they'll keep their brain working on that information. Moreover, when you talk to your child (be it about school or any other topic), you spend quality time with them, and you create a stronger bond between the two of you, which is reason enough to want to engage in more conversations with them.

Go On Learning Trips With Them

And speaking of bonding with your child, this last tip recommends that you go on learning trips with your child. They won't only keep their mind awake, but it will also allow you to break out of the routine and create new, wonderful memories with them. The zoo, the library, and the museum are places where your child can do an endless amount of learning, even if they're not in school. That's why you should make it a point to visit these spots while they have free time. However, to ensure you have an enjoyable time, prepare your child for the adventure: dress them appropriately, pack snacks and water, and go over the rules they should follow while they're there.

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