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How to Fuel Your Chid's Brain

We all know that the food that our children eat is the fuel that gets them through the school day. We all want to provide our children with the most nutritious options. However, with time constraints and financial constraints piling up on us, as well as children’s love of junk food, it can sometimes feel impossible to feed them something healthy that they’ll actually like. Here, The Tutoring Center, Frisco has some great, wallet-friendly ideas for snacks to provide to your children.


Eggs are nutrition powerhouses and a really wallet-friendly form of protein. Why not try making a frittata on a weekend and serving it throughout the week? Or try Mexican breakfast burritos with eggs and beans – a fun and different breakfast option that will set them up for the day ahead at school.

Chickpea Fritters

Make patties by blending a tin of drained chickpeas with a drained tin of corn, some flour, lemon rind and coriander. Fry the patties and serve with pita bread and salad. This should cost less than a dollar a head, and provides your kids with vital nutrients to aid learning.

Pack a Lunch

Send your kids to school with a packed lunch and save a bundle! Try sandwiches or wraps packed with salads for a great healthy option. A rule of thumb is to include at least five colors in each sandwich or wrap.

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