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Avoiding their academics over the break may mean that your child will forget what they learned during the school term. Read this post for tips on how to help them avoid winter break learning loss.

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

As you've probably noticed, the information and skills you don't use, practice, or review, get forgotten. Unfortunately, this may mean that if your child doesn't take care of their academics over the holidays, they may experience winter break learning loss. What's worse is that said condition may interfere with their learning process come the new school year. To help your child prevent winter break learning loss, read the post below.

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Encourage a Love of Reading and Writing

Reading and writing often during the break can provide a myriad of different benefits for your child: they will help them practice a few of their academic skills (such as their grammar, spelling, and vocabulary), as well as work on their communication skills and keep their mind active. This is why you should try your best to encourage them to engage in these activities. For example, to help your child become an avid reader, read with them, take them to the library, and provide reading material that will speak to their interests. As for writing, you can tell them to keep a journal of their winter break, where they document everything that happened in it, what they thought, what they felt, and more. This will give them a healthy way to express themselves and work on their skills.

Review the School Notes

When your child goes to school, they take notes to be reminded of important information they should learn. Well, now's the time to use said notes for that purpose! One of the best ways to beat winter break learning loss is to review notes since they will help refresh your child's mind of the information and skills they already have. Even though it may be the last thing they want to do during their time off, remind your child to read their notes every so often (a couple of times on the week leading up to their return to school, for example), so they can build upon the knowledge they learned during the previous school term.

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Go On a Few Excursions

Since it's highly likely that both you and your child have more free time during winter break, you should take advantage of it to continue learning. For example, you can go on a few excursions to help your child prevent winter break learning loss. A couple of trips to the library, a museum, or the zoo during their winter break can be very beneficial for your child's learning process since they'll be able to find out new information, as well as reinforce the lessons they already know. Furthermore, spending more time with your child doing activities that will leave lasting memories, will help you have a closer relationship, which can also affect the way they interact with other people during the rest of their lives.

Use Games to Keep Learning

Of course, your child wants to have fun during their winter break in order to let go of the stress that their academic life can bring. Luckily for them and for their learning process, there are online games, apps, and more that can help them practice their academic skills in a fun and entertaining manner. For example, a game of Scrabble can help with their vocabulary and spelling skills. Or, they can find interactive games online that can help them develop stronger reading, math, grammar, among other skills. Search for a few options suited to your child's age and level to help them thwart winter break learning loss.

Engage Them in Conversation

Lastly, you can help your child avoid going back to school with a blank slate by simply engaging them in conversation. Asking them about their school subjects (their favorite one, the most challenging one to them, etc.), will force them to think about what they have learned. For example, if your child takes history classes, talk to them about a historic event that they should know. Going over the information in conversation will allow them to keep said information fresh inadvertently.

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