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Multiplying is a basic arithmetic operation that could be challenging to younger children to learn. If you want to help your child learn it effectively, read this post that The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX has put together for you.

Multiplications are a basic arithmetic operation, meaning that everybody needs to learn how to do them in order to perform simple mathematic equations and survive in this world. Still, for a young child, learning to multiply can be a challenging feat to accomplish, which is why you may need to provide some support in order to help them through the process. After all, they need to memorize a lot of information. If you want to help your child through the multiplication learning process, in this post you'll find tips that you can put to good use to achieve just that.

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How to Teach Your Child to Multiply

Build a Solid Foundation First

Your child's multiplication learning experience will be far more challenging if they don't have a solid foundation to build that knowledge on. That's why, before you even begin with multiplications, you should ensure they feel comfortable counting and adding. Likewise, they need to learn what multiplications are and why it's important that they learn how to do them.

Learn About Pairs in Multiplications

One of the most overwhelming things about multiplications is that you need to learn a lot of time tables in order to do them properly. However, one way to cut the memorization process in half is to learn about pairs in multiplications. This means that changing the order of the factors, doesn't change the product. So, if 5x6 is 30, then 6x5 is also 30. Teach your child about these, so they feel less intimidated about learning time tables.  

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Provide Enough Practice Opportunities

Multiplying is a skill that requires practice in order to master it and do it correctly. For that reason, it is imperative that you provide enough practice opportunities for your child so they can develop their skills. To that end, you can print a few practice sheets you find online, or you may even search for online games and apps that are designed to help your child's multiplication skills.

Employ Mnemonic Devices

To reiterate, multiplying correctly requires a long and extensive memorization process. Luckily, there are mnemonic devices meant to make that process easier. For example, you can make up silly rhymes and songs to help them learn the time tables. Signing along with them enough times will guarantee that they'll know them by heart in the end.

Consider Your Child's Learning Style

Lastly, you should consider the way in which your child learns to make the process a lot more successful for him. Be it that they're a kinesthetic, visual, or auditory learner, you can find methods to help them assimilate, retain, and recall the information better.

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Use These Tips to Learn the Time Tables

Once again, learning time tables can seem challenging, but there are actually a lot of ways around them. For example:
  1. When multiplying times 1, the number stays the same: 4 x 1 = 4.
  2. When multiplying times 2, they only need to add the number to itself once: 4 x 2 = 8 because 4 + 4 is 8.
  3. When multiplying times 5, they can be guided by the clock. Also, all results will end in 0 or 5.
  4. When multiplying times 10, they should add a 0 to the right of the number they're multiplying: 4 x 10 = 40.
  5. Finally, when multiplying single digits times 11, they only need to repeat the number once: 4 x 11 = 44.

Don't Pressure Them

Finally, part of helping them through this process is being supportive of them. This means not pressuring them and letting them learn at their own pace. If you get angry when they make mistakes, or if you try to move on to more complicated multiplications before they're ready, they'll probably want to avoid multiplications altogether. Be there for them and help them improve, but don't pressure them.

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