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If you're not careful, your summer vacation can slip away. Here are a few ideas on goals you could try to accomplish this break, to take advantage of your time and ensure you keep your mind active.

Goals to Accomplish this Summer

To students, summer vacation is a time to relax and rest. Of course, you deserve that time off. However, resting and relaxing too much can be detrimental to you, as your brain and body could become lazy. If you want to make the most out of your summer break, you could set goals that will give you purpose and will help you keep an active mind. For a few ideas, read on.

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Read More Often

The benefits of reading are plenty and are invaluable. Through reading, you expose your mind to new ideas, information, and opinions, which can make you a more understanding, creative, and knowledgeable person. Likewise, you encounter new words, which will help you build your vocabulary and comprehend the world around you better. Lastly, it gives an opportunity to practice your academic skills (such as spelling and grammar). To reap these benefits, set a goal to read more this summer. Reading a book every two weeks, for example, can be a good place to start.

Keep a Journal

Writing can also be an incredibly beneficial activity to engage in. For instance, keeping a journal over the summer can also help you practice your academic skills, become more creative, and find clearer ways to express yourself. Writing a little bit every day can be a very achievable goal to set. However, if you struggle with inspiration at first, simply make a habit out of keeping a diary of your summer vacation: write about what you did each day, what you thought, and how you felt. Once you feel more comfortable journaling, you can move on to writing short stories.

Be Physically Active

Some students regard summer vacation as an opportunity to spend days on end on the couch, watching TV. However, doing so is not healthy for your body or your mind. That's why you should make a goal related to physical activity: you can enroll in an active class, schedule regular basketball games with friends, take your dog for a jog every day, or any other physical activity. The idea here is that you get your heart pumping and your muscles moving. Besides getting stronger and having fun, you'll find that doing so also helps you have clearer ideas.

Work on Your Academics

It may seem odd to you to set an academic goal when you just got out of school. However, if you're a student committed to learning and furthering their education, taking time for academics during the break can make a lot of sense. For instance, enrolling in one-to-one tutoring classes during your time off will allow you to learn your school subjects successfully, beat summer learning loss, and keep your brain awake and developing. Plus, doing so will ensure that you'll be completely ready to take on any academic challenge that comes your way next school year.

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Learn Something New

With so much free time on your hands, how about using some of it to expand your knowledge and skill set? This summer, you could set a goal to challenge your brain and help it develop further. Depending on your preferences and abilities, you can take on an instrument, enroll in cooking or painting classes, or start learning a new language. On the latter, The Telegraph has said that becoming bilingual can make you smarter, can build multitasking and decision-making skills, can improve your English, among many other benefits. So why not try it?

Visit New Places

Traveling breaks you out of the routine, it can open your mind, and can give you the perfect opportunity to create new memories. You can travel to a new place in your city, your state, in the country or, if possible, in another country. Of course, it can be easier said than done sometimes. Depending on your age, it could be hard to travel on your own; not to mention, it costs money. Still, create a budget and a plan for a road trip with friends and/or family, and convince them to go with you.

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