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If you've wondered whether you should study with music playing or not, this post by The Tutoring Center, Frisco TX will shed a light on why doing so may or may not be a good idea.

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Why You Should Study With Music

First of all, we will go over the benefits that can come from playing some music while you're focusing on your homework, reading, or studying. Here are a few of them:

It Increases Your Endurance When Studying

You've probably felt it before: you're sitting down at your desk, studying for hours, and even though you're not doing anything physical, you are completely exhausted. This is because focusing requires some serious mental and physical power, and when you're doing it for long hours, you energy lowers significantly. If this has happened to you, music can help you, as it may supply an energy boost that will increase your endurance and keep you studying for longer.

It Helps You Focus Better

Calming and relaxing music has another wonderful quality: it can help you focus more on the tasks you're working on. When your goal is to study and learn your school lessons, this can be incredibly valuable. With music and the heightened ability to focus it can provide, you can expect an easier assimilation and memorization process. This can be especially helpful when it comes to learning certain information; for example, names, definitions, dates, and more.

It Calms You

As previously stated, calming and relaxing music can be a good study companion. Aside from helping you focus better, they can also change the mood you're in, and as a consequence, your outlook on your situation. Tests can stress you out, which can affect your study sessions negatively and give you a more pessimistic perspective. If you're feeling this way when studying, listen to calming music to lower your anxiety levels and make you more eager to learn.

It Improves Your Creativity

As a last benefit to listening to music, you should realize that, since it is an art form, it is meant to inspire. As a result, it can stimulate you creatively and make you a better learner. You may think creativity doesn't have much to do with your study sessions. However, it's imperative to be creative to problem-solve and learn new ways to approach a situation and assimilate a lesson.

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Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

As many and as valuable benefits it may bring, studying with music also has not-so-favorable things going for it. Learn what they are through the paragraphs below.

It Can Distract You

This first reason not to study with music completely contradicts one of the reasons why you should. Even so, some type of music can distract you when you're studying. Especially if you choose to play loud, high tempo music with complicated lyrics, you can expect your attention to be on anything other than your study material. If that's the case, then it's better to study in silence.

It Makes You Sad, Angry, or Stressed

Another of the benefits mentioned above was that music can calm you down and help you have a more positive outlook on your situation. Still, the opposite can also be true. Since music sways your mood, it can also make you sad, angry, or stressed depending on the type of music you're listening to. And, as you can imagine, studying under these conditions isn't conducive to learning.

It Can Lead to More Confusion and Mistakes

You're distracted and possibly angry, stressed or sad. All thanks to the music you're playing when you're studying. Under these circumstances, it's easy to understand how listening to music while studying can lead to more confusion and mistakes, especially when dealing with more challenging and complicated subjects.

It Can Result in Poorer Time Management

Last but not least, if you've considered all of the disadvantages of listening to music when studying, this one shouldn't come as a surprise, either. When you're distracted and upset, you make more mistakes and you get confused easily. This, in turn, can mean that all of your study sessions will be longer, since your retention process will be slower. In the end, you'll have a time management problem on your hands.

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