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Your notes should be organized, clean, clear, and concise in order for them to be an effective study aid. If you require guidance in this department, read through this post.

How to Improve Your Note-Taking Skills

How you take notes can impact your attention levels, your study sessions, how much you learn, and your success as a student. That's why, if you want to have more effective learning experiences, you should work on your note-taking skills. Continue reading for tips on this department.

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Organize Your Notes and Notebooks

The first step towards having effective notes that will help you study is to organize them neatly. This will make them much easier to track down once the time to study comes around. A few tips to consider to organize your notes:
  • Do not mix subjects in your notebooks. Have a folder/notebook for each subject to keep your notes separated.
  • Make your notes easier to find by writing a date and title on each page.
  • Finally, you can create an index for your notes. Number each of the pages in your notebook and write down which lesson is on which page.

Keep Them Clean

Believe it or not, your notes' cleanliness can influence the outcome of your study sessions. When you study, you want to focus on what you're going over, and seeing a messy notebook can strip your attention away from your lessons, or may even cause confusion. To avoid that, make an effort to keep your notes clean. This includes not making many mistakes nor doodling in your notes (if doodling helps you focus, do so in the last pages of your notebooks).

Have Your Writing Tools Handy

When you take notes, you need to pay attention to what the teacher is saying, and you need to be ready to write down any important information they give out. This means you have no time to waste looking for a pen or searching for an eraser, lest you end up falling behind. That's why it's strongly recommended that you have your writing tools handy. This way, you can start taking notes at a moment's notice, and it will be easier for you to keep up with the lessons.

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Work with an Effective Strategy

As mentioned above, to write effective notes, you need to be savvy about how you spend your time. Writing down every single word the teacher says is not time-efficient and will only result in you missing important information in your notes. To correct that, you can create a note-taking strategy that can save you time here and there. For example, use common abbreviations whenever possible. You can also focus on only writing down the main ideas of your teacher's talking points.

Write Comprehensible Notes

Notes that you aren't able to understand won't help you study in the least, and in fact, can do more harm than good during your study sessions. That's why, no matter how pressed for time you feel, you should make an effort to make your notes comprehensible. Avoid wasting time decoding your notes when studying by writing with good penmanship and formulating phrases that won't end up puzzling you when you should be learning.

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Emphasize Certain Information

Names, dates, formulas, definitions, among other similar information, are likely more important to study and learn. To ensure they are easier to locate among the myriad of notes you take, you should come up with a way to help them stand out. For instance, with the use of colored pens, highlighters, and/or sticky notes, you'll be able to emphasize them and make them more visible.

Go Over Your Notes

Last but definitely not least, you should go over your notes once you're done taking them. Taking that extra time to review them will help you identify any information you may have missed, mistakes you may have made, or anything that may not have been clear. If you find an area in your notes that needs a little bit of work, you can ask a peer to compare what they wrote done with you. You may also want to reach out to your teacher. They'll be able to answer any lingering questions, so your study aid is as effective as possible.

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